About Us


Allow me to formally introduce myself to you: My name is Brij mohan sharma and I am a Man who is 

Passionate about Life Haking Tricks.

Formally educated as a engineer, I am now a Blogger by profession.

I Completed my primary education with Sharwan Intercollege  in 2014, and received my degree in 

Engineering from Gla University Mathura. prior to becoming a  professional blogger, I worked with Convegys in India.

 I was about to begin a new venture with Accenture, when in july 2015  I made the decision and commitment that I make a Lifehacking bloge which help to easy and solve all problem of life in Hindi langouge.

 Home made Tricks have been my passion since I was a child. I began my new venture by writing a few blogs and authoring articles in various communities on Life’s Problem. I started with full-time blogging on the day I established Lifehackerhindi.

I am an ordinary guy who enjoys living life to the fullest. i love to travel and meet people, and i enjoy having quality conversations related to Life problem and fine art of living.

If you share similar interest,feel free to join me on facebook.


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